We've had several folks contact us and say "I'm not getting any e-mails from you, why not?".  There are a couple of possible issues:

1) You turned off notices in your profile setting.  More than one person that commented they had not seen any e-mails since signing up had actually turned off all e-mail notifications from the MS Society in their profile when they signed up.  So, unlike many systems out there that send you e-mail anyway, the system actually honors your request.  Unfortunately, if you sign up to help but turn off all e-mail notifications you won't get any updates and thus will be in the dark.  Please make sure you have the "receive important notices and updates" option in your profile.  You can get to your profile using the link you originally signed up with.  Just enter your e-mail address and password that you used to sign up.

2) Check your spam folder.  We can't control the system that sends the e-mail, but I've also calmed down folks that have called to complain about lack of e-mails by having them check their spam folder.  In that folder they find a bunch of e-mails from the MS150 e-mail system.  So please check their before thinking we are ignoring you.

3) Your sign up did not work.  There have been issues with the registration system this year and some folks that went through the sign up process did not actually get registered.  i tried to send "thanks for signing up notes" to most folks, but know I missed some.  If you have checked your profile and that looks good, and there is nothing in your spam folder, please reach out to John or David and we will check our list to see if we find you in our group.  If not, that could explain the issue.