Supply pickups

April 26, 2017
Team captains and rovers should need to be signed up to get their supplies and vehicle wiring done.  The Sign Up Genius link went out several days ago, but here it is.

If you don't get your supplies ahead of time you will have to pick them up on Saturday morning.  That is just added stress that none of us need.

Saturday April 29th - Meet at Park and Ride @ 5 AM

April 26, 2017
Everyone should plan on meeting at the Metro Park and Ride (Addicks) located near I-10 and Hwy 6 at 5 AM.  Last minute supplies and assignment updates will be issued.  This is where you can leave a vehicle if carpooling, there will be security there all weekend.
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MS150 E-mails - Not getting them?

April 2, 2017
We've had several folks contact us and say "I'm not getting any e-mails from you, why not?".  There are a couple of possible issues:

1) You turned off notices in your profile setting.  More than one person that commented they had not seen any e-mails since signing up had actually turned off all e-mail notifications from the MS Society in their profile when they signed up.  So, unlike many systems out there that send you e-mail anyway, the system actually honors your request.  Unfortunately, if...
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Breakpoint and Cabin Sign Ups are active

April 2, 2017
Sign Up Genius notices went out this morning to folks that we show as signed up.  If you did not find a notice please check your spam folder; the notices came from the Sign Up Genius system and not the MS150 e-mail system.

I am sending out a notice via the MS150 e-mail system with the links as well.  If you don't get that one either check or spam folder.  The other possibility is that you turned off e-mail notices in your preferences.
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Sign Up Process Summary, Event Overview

March 29, 2017
There are two new files in the file download area -

1) Simple steps to sign up - An overview of what you need to do to get completely signed up.  If you have a friend that wants to sign up you can share this document with them.
2) Event Overview - I updated the overview document from last year to give you an idea of what to expect and what to bring.  
If you need access credentials for the file download area please check the e-mails that have gone out in the past week.  If you have not been gett...
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Background/MVR Check Instructions

March 21, 2017
Instructions on completing background and mvr checks are available in the file download area.  Access information available in the e-mail that went out, or you can contact David or John.
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